PC Cleaner Pro 2018 License Keys and Setup Free Download

pc cleaner pro 2018 license key

PC Cleaner Pro 2018 is a program for protecting your privacy, boosting up your PC and making your PC clean and smooth. It allows you to eliminate all traces of your activities: unnecessary cache, cookies, the URLs of websites visited, the list of recent files, Windows temporary files, and other junk files.

Advanced ActiveX Manager

Many ActiveX control options are provided by PC Cleaner Pro to clean all kinds of ActiveX Exploits. Because some malicious programs frequently use ActiveX controls in order to embed themselves on your system through browser security exploits or compromised security settings. This ActiveX Manager file is updated continuously.

Equipped with a powerful cleaning algorithm, this program offers secure and reliable deletion from all parts of your PC. In an easy-to-use interface, PC Cleaner Pro Crack allows you to easily select the places you would like to clean up and configure its settings so as to automate the process. PC Cleaner is also a customizable software that leaves no trace of your latest activities.

PC Cleaner Labs

Product testing is conducted throughout the year to ensure ongoing criteria compliance and for quality assurance purpose. Products are tested against updated test sets as well as against evolving threats and vulner- abilities and requires a 92% or above rate of detection to pass. PC Cleaner Pro achieved a passing Extended WildList detection rate of 100%

Features of PC Cleaner Pro 2018

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